Anton van Berkel. PT.,Bac.,IMT.C.
    Integrative Manual Therapy
    A.F.M. van Berkel
    Physical therapy
    Sports physical therapy

Specialized in Whiplash

A brief description

Whiplash is an acceleration trauma. The tissues between the upper cervical vertebrae and the skull have stretched by a great force. The complaints start with neck pain and pain in or outside the head. The complaints can expand to the rest of the body.

Cause and consequence

Whiplash is most common after a traffic accident. But the same symptoms can occur after a fall in which the head also is injured. The symptoms can differ widely. From a stiff neck muscle to symptoms as feeling dizzy, tingling in the arm or hand, nausea, problems with concentration and fatigue. Patients may have different symptoms.


The treatment method will be discussed with the patient. Options are classic massage, method Upledger, acupuncture, remedial therapy, classic Manual Therapy and Integrative Manual TherapyT. These methods may be used in combination. Integrative Manual TherapyT treats the whole body. Also the inside of the head can be manual influenced from the outside.