Anton van Berkel. PT.,Bac.,IMT.C.
    Integrative Manual Therapy
    A.F.M. van Berkel
    Physical therapy
    Sports physical therapy

Specialized in KISS

A brief description

A disturbance of the joints between the upper cervical vertebrae and the upper vertebra with the skull.

Cause and consequence

During the last phase of pregnancy the mobility of the baby is too much inhibited. Or if the baby is a twin there is less room. Maybe the baby's fist was behind/below the ear during the last phase of pregnancy.


Also in this case the therapy consists of the Upledger method. Most of the time combined with IMT™ and instructions for the parents. Usually 5 to 8 therapy sessions are sufficient. The sooner the treatment starts the fewer sessions will be needed. The bones are more malleable near the time of birth. It is then that we can most easily correct the malfunction.

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