Anton van Berkel. PT.,Bac.,IMT.C.
    Integrative Manual Therapy
    A.F.M. van Berkel
    Physical therapy
    Sports physical therapy

Specialized in Post Traumatic Dystrophy

A brief description

Post traumatic dystrophy is a chronic local pain after a trauma. It is always present.
A lot of PD-patients say; "it happened to me during plaster after my operation". So it is not always trauma, therefore the new name is CRPS. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. Most of the time it is situated around the ankle or the wrist. But the pain can expand.

Cause and consequence

The cause can be very insignificant as a minor strain or little impact. We see it more and more after operations and more often in a female than a male. CRPS can be a minor inconvenience but also severe handicapped situations. Why the body reacts in that way after such little impact is still unknown. It's not possible to stand on the affected leg. The affected arm can't be touched. Blood circulation is disturbed. May have a bad color. Over production of sweat and hair growth is also a symptom.


Most of the CRPS patients visit us with a referral from the Pain-Department of the Amphia Hospital. This department gives advice and prescriptions for medicine.
In our Pain-Office in Almkerk the CRPS-patients are treated with a newly developed method. Anton has mixed the "Hoogeveen/Macedonia method with Integrative Manual TherapyT and acupuncture. The results are very good. The painful treatment of the Hoogeveen/Macedonia method is completely absent in Almkerk.
At this moment we also enter into consultation with a Rehab-Center at Breda. By doing so we search for the optimum therapy for PD-patients.
Of course patients can visit us also without prescription.

Examples of treatment CRPS (Flash Player plugin required)

Seven years CRPS left leg before and after one session.
17 years CRPS left hand before and after one session.
17 years CRPS left hand after 4th session.


Do you want to know more about ost Traumatic Dystrophy, download the thesis of Anton van Berkel. "Is the Pain in CRPS-1 patients a result of continuing cramp and what is the importance of IMT in this??

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