Anton van Berkel. PT.,Bac.,IMT.C.
    Integrative Manual Therapy
    A.F.M. van Berkel
    Physical therapy
    Sports physical therapy


In this private practice we have a wide range of knowledge available about physical therapy acquired in more than 35 years of practice.
Since 01-01-2006 patients can make an appointment for consultation without a referral.


To treat patients with physical therapy methods which will be paid by the insurance companies.


The " de VLASBRAAK", practice for PT started in September 1968 by A.F.M. van Berkel. PT.,SPT. He is assisted by his physical therapy assistant Mrs. M. Struik. The equipment consists of apparatus for PT, laser, fitness room and a swimming pool during summer time.

About A.F.M. van Berkel. PT. SPT.

In this practice he has been the general physical practitioner since 1970. Since 1990
he is also a Sports Physical Therapist. ( International Academy for Sportscience, NL.).
He is registered in the Ministry of health register BIG. The "bigregister" number is:
49033107604. (

Cost accounting

The insurance company will pay costs. This is up to the regulations of your company.