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Specialized in crybabies

A brief description

If you are desperate, despondent or sleepless because of the persistent crying of your baby than there is a possibility your baby is a crybaby.

Cause and consequence

This can happen after a long-lasting or difficult child delivery. Your baby may often have a headache after a vacuum extraction is performed. Perhaps your baby is not digesting food well. Also maybe the baby may have an allergic reaction. Perhaps the baby has fallen down a low-boy?


If your baby sleeps only when carrying the baby while walking around or in a car seat while driving, then it's time to contact us.
In general two therapy sessions are sufficient. Because of your peace of mind it is important to visit our office to find out if it's a headache.
The treatment can be IMT™, Upledger and in the case of digestion problems, acupressure will be used.

In the case of movement problems of the neck, or if the head is always to one side, and/or the back of the head is over extended, it can be a case of Kiss (Kinetic instability due to sub-occipital strain).

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