Anton van Berkel. PT.,Bac.,IMT.C.
    Integrative Manual Therapy
    A.F.M. van Berkel
    Physical therapy
    Sports physical therapy

Specialized in pelvic instability/ pain

A brief description

We speak about pelvic instability when the " Straight leg raising-test" is positive. It is impossible to raise ones straight leg in supine position. There is pain in the back, leg, pelvic or belly.

Cause and consequence

In general the instability is produced by soft ligaments of the pelvic ring. These are at the backside between the sacrum and iliac bone or at the front side at the pubic bones in the middle. Best known is the instability of the ligaments after pregnancy. Operation and trauma can also be the cause.
There can be pain as said before. But walking, climbing the stairs, unable to lift your child, chronic back pain with urine loss can be the case. A very few number of patients are in a wheelchair.


If the symptoms of back / pelvic pain are present during pregnancy it is important to visit us. If prone position is possible we use Manual Therapy. If not IMTT is used. After delivery other forms of treatment are also used like acupuncture and training. We have an extensive training program.
Wearing a pelvic belt will be discussed.
The whole body is always involved in the treatment.